RaceU – New Multiplayer Ranked Racing Platform

In the last few years, the interest in competitive eSports Sim Racing has seen incredible growth, yet it is safe to say that the implementation of the platforms and the recruitment of drivers within this relatively young virtual sport, did not go as smoothly as planned.

Up until now, it seems that only the big names such as iRacing, Gran Turismo, and Codemasters F1 franchise have been able to convert their eSports efforts into an internationally accepted form of virtual racing, and therefore gained the support of a big part of the international automotive and motor racing scene.

With that popularity, the importance of a dedicated ranked multiplayer system became apparent.

One of the first private initiatives was the famed Sim Racing System. Then back in March of 2020, the well-known RaceDepartment sim racing community platform and US technology investor Nascent introduced the Simracing.GP online sim racing platform will be aiming to provide a better racing experience by simplifying the management and hosting of competitive online multiplayer racing events.

Now we can add one more name to the list.

RaceU is a brand new Sim Racing Multiplayer platform where sim racers can easily find online Assetto Corsa races to compete in.

The platform features 24/7 hourly ranked races via an accurate matchmaking system and keeps track of all your profile statistics. The matchmaking and driver rating systems are highly inspired by the existing iRacing system.

The races are hosted on low latency AWS Servers (Amazon services) located all around the world.

Currently, the platform is in an Open Beta state and only supports Kunos SImulazioni’s Assetto Corsa, but Race U is aiming to expand to more simulators in the near future. Race U seamlessly integrates with the (Third-party) Assetto Corsa Content Manager.

Currently, regular users can sign up for free, while a monthly subscription will let you host your own events and championships.

RaceU Dashboard


60Hz Servers

High refresh rates allow drivers to safely race much more closer and realistically.

Enjoy servers with few to none netcode issues.

Worldwide Located Servers

No matter where you are, we got you covered. With servers located all over the world, RaceU uses the drivers’ location to determine where the race will happen, drastically reducing latency.

The matchmaking system will always pick the best server to the majority of drivers of a race.

Rating System

Progress through the rating system as you complete races.

Your rating level indicates your level of ability against others drivers in the system.

Frequent good results will quickly get you a higher rating, and at the same time, bad results will make your rating decrease.

Official Webpage – raceu.net

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