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Real World Racing – 2013 Super GT Racing Begins.



The 2013 Super GT Racing season begins.

SUPER GT’s official testing kicked off at the Okayama International Circuit (Mimasaka, Okayama) on March 16th. Teams participating in the 2-day test will carry out final preparation towards the opening round of 2013 season. Event programs for the fans are also hosted at the circuit which drew a large crowd of fans under pleasant spring weather. Fans got a chance to see and memorize the new machines of this season before the season opener.

It was No.6 ENEOS SUSTINA SC430 (Kazuya Oshima) that marked the best time of Day 1 with 1 min 21.963 sec. In the GT300 class, the defending class champion No.0 ENDLESS TAISAN PORSCHE (Naoki Yokomizo) emerged to the top with a time of 1 min 28.049 sec.



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