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Real World Racing – Ferrari 458 Challenge. SoundTastic [VIDEO]



Ferrari 458 Challenge. SoundTastic

In this video you can watch a few Ferrari 458 Italia Challenge cars in action on the track during a test at the Italian Monza Circuit.
You can hear the beautiful and loud sound of the V8 engine and you can also witness the brake discs heating up white hot in the braking zones. 

Like its road-going counterpart, the 458 Challenge is powered by a 4497cc direct-injection V8 producing 570 horsepower at 9,000rpm. However, a number of changes have been made to prepare the 458 Challenge for its track duties.

In order to get the 458 Challenge race ready, Ferrari modified the car’s gear ratios and also optimized the calibrations of its dual-clutch F1 gearbox, allowing for higher torque at lower revs. The 458 Challenge also comes equipped with the standard 458’s E-Diff electronic differential, marking the first application in a track-only Ferrari.

Ferrari significantly revamped the 458 Challenge’s suspension for race use, including new solid aluminum bushings, stiffer springs, a 30mm lower ride height and single-rate dampers. The Challenge package also includes center-nut 19-inch wheels, larger diameter Pirelli racing slicks and the same Brembo braking system found on the 599XX.

The 458 Challenge is also much lighter than the 458 Italia, thanks to a thinner body shell and the extensive use of carbon fiber and Lexan.

All of the 458 Challenge’s added performance is kept in check via Ferrari’s F1-Trac traction control system. Developed in-house by Ferrari, the system ensures maximum road-holding in wet or dry conditions.

Video work by 19 Bozzy 92