Real World Racing – Introducing the BMW Z4 GTE. [VIDEO]

The BMW Z4 GTE represents the latest foray into the hotly-contested GT Category in the American Le Mans Series. Based on the Z4 GT3 platform, the car has been heavily modified to compete in the higher category. Campaigning the car will be BMW North America’s racing partner, RLL Racing led by team principal Bobby Rahal.


  • Length:  4,395 mm (excl. rear wing)
  • Width:  2,010 mm
  • Height:  1,205 mm (depending on set-up)
  • Wheel base:  2,512 mm
  • Weight:  1,245 kg (according to ACO regulations)
  • Tank capacity: 110 litres (according to IMSA classification)
  • Chassis/body: Steel body with welded safety cell
  • Transmission: six-speed sequential sport transmission, operated via shifting paddles mounted on the steering wheel, multiple ZF Sachs clutch
  • Front axle: McPherson axle with pushrods and wishbone, additionally with adjustable shock absorbers, H&R coil springs
  • Rear axle: Longitudinal links with wishbone, adjustable shock absorbers, H&R coil springs
  • Brake system: hydraulic dual circuit brake; monobloc multi-piston light alloy brake callipers, innver-vented steel brake discs, seamless brake balance adjustment (front and rear) by the driver
  • Wheels: BBS forged aluminum wheels, front axle: 12,5×18“, rear axle: 13×18“
  • Tires: Michelin, front axle: 300-680-18, rear axle: 310-710-18
  • Engine type: Eight-cylinder, V-configuration, four valves per cylindre, mandatory air restrictor (2×29.4mm)
  • Capacity:  4,400cc
  • Max. output: approx. 480bhp (with mandatory air restrictor)
  • Max. torque: approx. 480Nm
  • Cylinder block: Aluminum cylinder block construction
  • Engine management: BMW Motorsport ECU 408, without fuses, central display


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