Real World Racing – Lucchini SR2 Nissan V6 Engine.



Lucchini SR2 Nissan V6 Engine.

This video shows you an italian sport prototype car that is used especially for endurance races or prototypes races in Italy.

Lucchini Engineering also produces many versions of prototypes such as the Lucchini CN4, which is used in hillclimbs, or as the LMP2/08 LMP2 that was used in the 2008 LMS Series. 

The Lucchini SR2 Sport comes in different engine versions. From an Alfa Romeo 3.0 V6 engine, to the 6-cylinders BMW engine or the Nissan V6.
You can hear the amazing sound produces by the Nissan engine during some full throttle accelerations.

Video by 19_Bozzy_92