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Real World Racing – SUPERSTARS 2013 @ Donington Park UK. Rnd 6.





Luigi Ferrara succeeded in getting his first Superstars International Series win of the year in race one at Donington Park. The Roma Racing Mercedes driver was fastest in the start of race one up until a safety car period during the middle of the race. 
When the yellow cleared Gigi kept his lead with a safe margin. he had a scary moment when he got into a spin at the Donington park Melbourne hairpin because of an oil spill on the track, but he recovered from that while the competition got into some more trouble avoiding each other spinning of the track.

Audi Sport Italia’s Gianni Morbidelli celebrated his fifth win in six races at the British Donington Park.
In race one he crossed the line in fourth position, but in race 2 he finishing ahead of title rival Thomas Biagi. For the final two racers the Superstars Series will heads back to Italy. Imola will be visited on September 29th followed by Vallelunga on October 13th.


Race 1:
  • 1. Gigi Ferrara (AMG Mercedes) 16 laps;
  • 2. Giovanni Berton (BMW) +1.874s.
  • 3. Thomas Biagi (Mercedes AMG) +2.678s;
  • 4. Gianni Morbidelli (AUDI RS5) +2.962s;
  • 5. Vitantonio Liuzzi (Mercedes AMG) +5.202s;
Race 2:
  • 1. Gianni Morbidelli (AUDI RS 5) 17 laps;
  • 2. Thomas Biagi (Mercedes AMG) +8.544s;
  • 3. Max Mugelli (BMW) +9.322s;
  • 4. Giovanni Berton (BMW) +10.916s;
  • 5. Tiziano Trentin (BMW) +39.145s.


Drivers’ Points Standings:

  • 1 Gianni Morbidelli 173 pts
  • 2 Thomas Biagi 173 pts
  • 3 Giovanni Berton 136 pts
  • 4 Vitantonio Liuzzi 132 pts
  • 5 Luigi Ferrara 113 pts
  • 6 Max Mugelli 65 pts
  • 7 Andrea Bacci 53 pts
  • 8 Mauro Trentin 47 pts
  • 9 Francesco Sini 41 pts
  • 0 Laurens Vanthoor 34 pts
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