Rennsport Alpha Version eSports Race

Rennsport Alpha Version eSports Race

Last weekend, Competition Company, the developer of the upcoming Rennsport racing simulator and E-sports Platform hosted a RENNSPORT summit in Munich, Germany, where they had invited Sim-racers, team managers, influencers, and partners from all over the world to have a first look at an early alpha build of the game.

Competition Company is developing the Rennsport racing simulator In collaboration with the well-known German esports organizer ESL Gaming GmbH, with the requirements of Esports in mind from day one.

During the first RENNSPORT Summit, Competition Company organized a racing tournament for its invitees and now shared the original and unedited footage of the final race, giving us another impression of the game in its current alpha state.

RENNSPORT will be a free-to-play, esports-first, and community-centric racing simulator.

If all goes as planned, Competition Company will start with a Closed Beta during the Summer of 2022, in order to gather feedback from the sim racing community. An open Beta is scheduled to launch in the Spring of 2023.

Competition Company aims to develop an ultra-realistic racing game for the PC in conjunction with a mobile app that will be the connecting part of the overall RENNSPORT ecosystem. The companion app is like a gateway into the RENNSPORT world. It will allow you to be involved in exciting Esports content, discover tournaments and leagues, manage all your in-game assets and trade your own digital goods from wherever you want.

I will keep you posted when more info and media are shared.

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