RENNSPORT Summit Report – Its Not An NFT Game

First RENNSPORT In-Game Video Footage
RENNSPORT Summit Munich Germany

Yesterday the developer of the upcoming Rennsport racing simulator surprised us with a teaser video showing some early development footage showcasing a lap at the Hockenheim ring in a Porsche 911 GT3R.

Today, the developer is hosting a RENNSPORT summit in Munich, Germany, where they have invited a selection of sim racing streamers, and pro sim racing teams. Let’s have a look at some official statements from the ongoing summit.


Today is the day. The RENNSPORT Summit finally starts. We have exciting news to share, we will share tons of content and let you know what the world’s best sim racers think about our alpha version of RENNSPORT. Stay tuned.

The RENNSPORT Summit is about to kickoff. We‘re ready to welcome 100 sim-racing pros from all around the world to Munich to test our simulation.

RENNSPORT Summit Munich Germany

“Back when we started coding in 2020, we asked ourselves what’s needed to build a fantastic game and we ended up saying »Okay, let’s start from scratch and don’t compromise.« Today 45 team members develop RENNSPORT.”

RENNSPORT Summit Munich Germany

“I’m from the gaming industry and normally you show as less as possible as a publisher until a certain point. But we want to showcase you the alpha version. We take this risk because it’s more important for us to learn from you instead of waiting too long developing on our own.”

RENNSPORT Summit Munich Germany

Morris Hebecker, Competition Company CEO: „First of all a warm welcome to everyone. In the last two years we were working on the vision of RENNSPORT and now is the moment where we all come together to show you what we have so far.”

RENNSPORT Summit Munich Germany

“For RENNSPORT, Esports is not a secondary product. The Anker for everything is to build the best possible simulation and we do this by coding everything with Esports in mind.”

An emotive brand teams up with an ambitious sim-racing start-up. We are proud that BMW will be represented on rennsport_gg with the BMW M4 GT3 from the start on. Our community has the chance to open new virtual chapters in the glorious history of BMWMotorsport.

No race without a Porsche! We proudly present our next partner. You can not go past their persistent heritage when talking about motorsports so we are very happy to welcome them to the RENNSPORT family.

“Real digital ownership means for me the next level of publishing. All stakeholders own what they contribute to RENNSPORT. If you win a race with a car, this history is eternally connected to this unique car and the drivers. We’ll choose the right technology to make this happen.”

“It’s not a ******* NFT game.” You heard it from the boss himself.

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