RennSport Closed Beta Signup Initiated – Developer Q&A

RennSport Closed Beta Signup Initiated - Developer Q&A

A few months ago, Competition Company, the developer of the upcoming Rennsport racing simulator and E-sports Platform hosted a RENNSPORT summit in Munich, Germany, where they invited Sim-racers, team managers, influencers, and partners from all over the world to have a first look at an early alpha build of the new racing game in progress.

Competition Company is developing the free-to-play, esports-first, and community-centric Rennsport racing simulator in collaboration with the well-known German esports organizer ESL Gaming GmbH. The aim is to develop an ultra-realistic racing game for the PC in conjunction with a mobile app that will be the connecting part of the overall RENNSPORT ecosystem.

Now Competition Company has initiated its Rennsport Closed Beta phase in order to gather feedback from the sim racing community.

Community members who want a shot at becoming a closed Beta Tester, can head over to the official RennSport website and fill in the necessary forms. You will then be added to the Closed Beta waiting list, and hopefully get selected for closed beta access, later in the year.

For those who do not make it to the selection, an open Beta is scheduled to launch in the Spring of 2023.

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