Rennsport Q&A Community Talking Sessions 1 & 2

Rennsport Q&A Community Sessions 1 & 2

Competition Company, the developer of the upcoming Rennsport racing simulator hosted two Q&A sessions bringing the community up to date with the ongoing work and progress regarding the Rennsport Online Racing project.

During the sessions, host Lucas from the Rennsport Marketing Team talks to CEO Morris, and the Lead of Game Development, Krzysztof, who share some insights about the current development phase, the upcoming Closed Beta, and further content releases. The team also answered a number of frequently asked questions by the community, covering a number of topics. 

Time Stamps Session #1:

00:00 – Introduction
01:50 – Will RENNSPORT have a safety system?
03:07 – Is RENNSPORT considering a system for ranked racing?
04:15 – Will RENNSPORT feature endurance races?
05:14 – How will RENNSPORT handle attacks on the server?
06:28 – How does RENNSPORT plan to deal with punishments for dirty drivers?
08:08 – What is the maximum number of drivers that will be able to join a server?
09:20 – Will RENNSPORT have built-in broadcasting and photography tools?
10:50 – Can players expect a sophisticated damage model for cars and tires?
11:53 – CEO Morris joins the session.
12:27 – Update regarding sound issues with Morris’s microphone.
13:02 – What sets RENNSPORT apart from the sims that are already on the market?
14:58 – Which cars and race tracks will be featured in RENNSPORT?
16:10 – Will RENNSPORT also support oval race tracks?
16:43 – Will players be able to compete in special events?
17:51 – Will RENNSPORT also support the official real-life series?
18:55 – Will RENNSPORT be at the ADAC SIMRACING EXPO 2022 in Nuremberg?
20:10 – Will RENNSPORT support any kind of API for third-party software?
21:41 – Will there be a safety car?
23:03 – How restrictive will modding be?
25:26 – How will RENNSPORT deal with liveries?
26:10 – Will RENNSPORT support DLSS and ray tracing?
27:18 – What are the limitations of Unreal Engine 5 as a game engine?
29:19 – Will RENNSPORT have grid girls in the game?
30:26 – Will RENNSPORT have a certain kind of brand they´ll focus on?
32:04 – What will the payment model look like?
34:01 – Can players hit other players in the pit lane?
35:41 – Will RENNSPORT support driver swaps in endurance races?
36:14 – Would creating an in-game team be possible?
37:55 – Is there any news on the ESL partnership?
39:55 – What features and content can players expect from the Closed Beta?
42:21 – Will RENNSPORT already have VR implementation ready by the start of the Closed Beta?
43:12 – Announcement of a new model in RENNSPORT.
44:31 – What is the primary goal of RENNSPORT?
47:05 – Joking around
48:20 – Will drift competitions be possible in RENNSPORT?
49:46 – What about Hillclimb tracks? Will it be possible to drive them in RENNSPORT?
50:12 – How are pit stops being done?
50:45 – Will offroad stuff also be on the cards?
52:09 – What is a broad road map from now on and the Closed Beta going forward?
53:17 – Will there be a voting process for features?
55:01 – How will track limits be handled in RENNSPORT?
55:34 – How are the settings saved and how can players back them up?
56:24 – How stable are Multiplayer races running so far?
57:17 – Can RENNSPORT consider a split-screen option?
57:37 – What is the more likely way for the subscription model in RENNSPORT?
59:34 – Will there be seasons with – one season – one car?
1:00:35 – How does RENNSPORT deal with the BOP of the cars?
1:01:48 – Can players compete online against cars that they do not own?
1:02:43 – When and how will people get notified about receiving a key for the Closed Beta?
1:03:33 – Will the Closed Beta be under NDA?
1:04:27 – Can we share some information about what we have heard today?
1:05:24 – Additional information and Outro.

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Time Stamps Session #2:

00:00 – Introduction
01:06 – RENNSPORT Recap of 2022
03:08 – Milestone 1: Start of communication
05:27 – Milestone 2: RENNSPORT Summit
08:27 – Milestone 3: RENNSPORT Roadshow
10:52 – Milestone 4: Start of the RENNSPORT Closed Alpha
12:30 – Milestone 5: Opening the RENNSPORT Closed Beta Waitlist
14:06 – Milestone 6: Engaging Community on RENNSPORT DISCORD
16:55 – RENNSPORT Preview of 2023
21:48 – What happens to content players own when they are no longer part of the subscription model in RENNSPORT?
24:40 – How will RENNSPORT make access to sim racing easier for new players?
28:01 – Is RENNSPORT planning to integrate options to change the curvature of rendered screens?
28:56 – Can players add custom BOP onto cars for series, as ballast, or some other way in RENNSPORT?
29:47 – How can RENNSPORT improve the lacking visual gameplay experiences of Unreal Engine 5?
33:00 – Will there be a full SDK on the engine with add-ons for 3DS MAX and Blender in RENNPORT?
36:00 – Do you think RENNSPORT will miss out on the esports aspect if the focus on modding or deeper customization is too big?
37:20 – Will teammates be able to plan the pit stops for the ones who are currently driving in RENNSPORT?
38:08 – Can players choose what needs to be repaired during pit stops in RENNSPORT?
39:08 – Will RENNSPORT have a server option/admin command for the reverse grid and grid edit?
40:20 -What are map limits regarding the track size while modding in RENNSPORT?
41:00 – Can players spectate during ongoing races in RENNSPORT or do they need to watch the replay of it?
41:28 – Will RENNSPORT feature physical car debris on the road that could potentially damage cars colliding with it?
42:21 – Will modders need to have a subscription in RENNSPORT in order to use their own work?
43:50 – How is RENNSPORT planning to bring accurate engine sounds to the sim?
46:15 – Is there a plan to have ranked scheduled racing from day 1 in RENNSPORT?
47:01 – What kind of content do players have access to when starting to play RENNSPORT without a subscription?
48:06 – What will training sessions and practicing tools look like in RENNSPORT?
51:12 – Will league organizers be able to receive incident reports and operate a penalty system in RENNSPORT?
52:08 – Will RENNSPORT feature driving classes based on players driving performances?
54:15 – Can players join a race session in RENNSPORT where cars are driven so that they do not own themselves?
55:21 – Which POV camera perspectives will be featured during races in RENNSPORT?
56:05 – Will the required mods automatically be downloaded when joining a server in RENNSPORT?
57:56 – What refresh/polling rate will the physics system of RENNSPORT be running with? Will it be separate from the graphical refresh rate?
58:50 – Regarding the ranking system in RENNSPORT: Will there be a mechanism in the game to join a race session with players that have a similar ranking?
59:45 – If you could define RENNSPORT with only one idea or purpose what would that be?
1:01:35 – Outro.