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rFactor 2 Gen6 Nascar Preview screens

rFactor 2 Gen6 Nascar Preview screens

rF2 Nascar in-game  rF2 Nascar in-game

rFactor 2 Gen6 Nascar in-game preview shots

After showing us early development screens in the beginning of the year, Image Space Incorporated now posted two new preview screenshots on their Facebook page showing us the upcoming Gen6 NASCAR Sprint Cup racer. Instead of Toyota, Chevy, or Ford, the ISI team decided to use a fictional brand. The generic “Howston” branded Cup car will be used freeing ISI from having to licence three bands.

The screenshots show you the model in-game on the Indianapolis racing track. Keep in mind that these are still a Work-In Progress, and do not yet represent the final quality of the models. WIP or not, this is already looking to become one of the best rFactor 2 models up and till now.

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