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rFactor 2 New Indianapolis Motor Speedway Preview

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Indianapolis Motor Speedway WIP

Image Space Incorporated is still hard at work on their rFactor 2 Beta. While the project seemed to drag on a little, and the graphic style got its share of criticism within the community, it has to be said that lately things are starting to look pretty cool. Also the pace of development picked up the last few months and the rFactor 2 project becomes more solid with every new build.

Also content wise there have been some interesting developments lately.A while ago the Panoz AIV Roadster was released, and it was no surprise that the model had a much better graphics style then the older models in rFactor 2. The same seems to happen to the track development. With every new build, and track addition, things seem to look more and more solid, and detailed.

One of the anticipated combo’s is the Indianapolis Motor Speedway track and the Dallara DW12 Indycar. Today the Image Space Incorporated track team released a new preview screen showing us the start/finish of the world-famous Oval track. In this shot we see the track, pagoda and grandstands already textures. From what we can see this will be a beautiful recreation of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway that will please many rFactor 2 fans out there. The dev team does state that this is a shot that represents a work in progress, and that there is still plenty of work to be done before the track will be released. At this point it is not clear that the infield part of the track will be included at release.

The Indianapolis Motor Speedway track is only the first of a collection of American themed content, that will be released for rFactor2. It’s also reported that the Dallara DW12, Reynard 95i, March 86C,Eagle Mk4,Cooper T54 and Watson Roadster are licensed and will be ready for you to race in the near future.

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