rFactor 2 – Q1 2023 Hotfix #2 Re-deployed

rFactor 2 - Q1 2023 Hotfix #2 Re-deployed
rFactor 2 Racing Simulator

Yesterday, Studio 397 deployed a new hotfix for the recently released 2023 Q1 rFactor 2 update. It soon became apparent that the patch introduced a few bugs, and in some instances resulted in a CTP. (crash to desktop) for people using a triple-screen setup.

The dev team went straight to work examining the issue and has now redeployed the patch including a fix for the triple screen issue people were suffering from.


Main Build ID: 10664585
Dedi Build ID: 10664583

  • General: Fixed not being able to pit when no boundary is set on the pitlane.
  • Track Limits: Disable pit lane detection when no boundary is set on the track.
  • Track Limits: Fixed some cases of not penalizing an illegal pit exit.
  • Graphics: Fixed IBL Water Shader not rendering in Specular Mappers
  • Fixed blurry cameras when shadows are disabled
  • Fixed missing audio samples in moddev
  • Competition System: You can now sign up for a competition if you own at least one paid car and track used in the competition, or if the competition uses a free car and track.
  • Competition System: Replaced the “open cart” button with a button that will take you to the UI store basket page for any content you may need to purchase.
  • UI: Added “install missing content” button on server join error page. This will install missing/uninstalled store content.

Official Webpage – www.studio-397.com – The rFactor 2 Racing Simulator is available via Steam for €29,99.