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RIDE 4 – First Official Gameplay Trailer

RIDE 4 - First Official Gameplay Trailer

RIDE 4 – First Official Gameplay Trailer

Italian Developer Milestone shared a new video showcasing the first official gameplay footage of their upcoming “Ride 4” motorcycle racing game.

The video shows us a lap with the KTM RC8 R at the Japanese Suzuka circuit. Keep in mind that all the included footage represents a work in progress.

RIDE 4 will be available on October 8, 2020, for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Windows PC/STEAM.

The latest iteration of the popular Motorcycle game franchise will let you choose from 176 officially licensed bikes and race on 30 tracks from around the world.

Once more, Milestone raised the bar with a selection of new features such as a new Career mode, dynamic lighting, a dynamic weather system, day to night cycle, dedicated multiplayer servers, a new Endurance mode including Pit Stops for tires and fuel, an AI improving Artificial Neural Network Agent, and advanced bike and rider customizations.

Besides the standard edition, there will also be a physical RIDE 4 Special Edition available for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One which comes in a Steelbook which is Yamaha R1 2020 themed. The Special Edition allows access to the RIDE 4 Season Pass, which will include 65 new bikes, 2 new tracks to race on, and 150 new events.


Ride 4 Special Edition

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