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RMT WSGT2 Megane Trophy in action. (AutosimTV fan Video)

Megane Throphy

WSGT2 Megane Trophy in action

Back in January  we released the WSGT2 Megane Trophy mod for rFactor 2. While the rFactor 2 online  server scene has not been the most exiting out there to be honest, we are very pleased to see that the WSGT2 spinoff mod finds its way into league racing.  Ever since the development start of the rFactor 2 beta, public servers did not seem to be populated that often. However, in the league racing community rFactor 2 still proves to be a very popular platform. 

Ever since the release of the WSGT2 Megane Trophy mod, we have been receiving league race video reports, and we thought it might be a good idea sharing some of them with our community.  In this video by autosimTV you can  see the RMT WSGT2 Megane’s in action at the Lime Rock Parc circuit during a race in the  Russian RuMT2 League Championship (Official AutosimTV Webpage). There is plenty of action, overtaking and spin outs going one proving that league racing is still providing sim racers with good fun and competition.  If you made a WSGT2 Megane Trophy showcase video, let us know.

Please note that because rFactor 2 is still in beta and is constantly being in development, we might (or might not) update the RMT Megane mod to new requirements when needed.

You can download the WSGT2 RMT Megane V6 Trophy for rFactor 2 here.



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