Sim Lab – GRID MPX Steering Wheel Up For Pre-Order

Sim Lab - GRID MPX Steering Wheel Up For Pre-Order
GRID MPX Steering Wheel

In September 2021, the Dutch Sim-Lab brand known for its outstanding Aluminum Profile-based sim-racing chassis, and the Canadian GRID Engineering company specialized in high-end sim racing steering wheels and accessories reached an agreement by joining forces, and presented the GRID P911 Steering Wheel as their first ever joint product.

Now Sim-Lab and GRID Engineering are back with a new sim racing wheel, introducing the GRID MPX wheel rim.

The GRID MPX wheel rim has a diameter of 295mm. The enclosure, shifters, clutches, paddles, hub adapter, and other parts are all machined from high-quality 6061 aluminum and had an anodizing surface treatment. The chassis is fitted with custom overmolded PU grips.

The carbon front plate houses a pair of 7-Way switches, 9 ELMA custom spec encoders with push function and 11 RGB LEDs, and 8 APEM push buttons. The rear houses two OTTO P9 push buttons, a set of single magnet paddle shifters, and adjustable clutch paddles.

The 87 Telemetry-controlled RGB LEDs let you customize your wheel with a choice of 16.7M colors. Each encoder has 11 LEDs and each button has 4 LEDs that are individually controlled. Users can set their desired RGB effect such as a multi-color spin, fade or flash to provide you with visual confirmation for settings such as flags or pit-limiter.

The wheel electronics are connected to a PC via a high-quality 6-pin Lumberg connector. The wheel is mounted to a wheelbase using the included 50.8 to 70mm wheel adapter.

The Sim Lab GRID MPX Steering Wheel is available for pre-order via the official Sim Lab Website for €999,00 + Shipping. The regular price will be €1.199,00 + Shipping.


  • 295mm width
  • 2x 7-way switches
  • Adjustable shifters
  • Adjustable hall sensor clutches
  • 2x Otto P9 rear push buttons
  • 9x ELMA encoders with push
  • 650-gram force APEM switches
  • 87 Telemetry-controlled RGB LEDs
  • 130+ decal kit

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