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Sim Racing Rap Album… For Real

Sim Racing Rap Album… For Real

It’s not a secret the Sim Racing community contains a large number of creative members. While most of them are modding teams, livery designers, fan video producers or tool programmers, now and then something original pops up.

Australian Sim Racer Rhys Gardiner aka SouthPawRacer took his creativity one step further and set out to produce a full blown Rap album about Sim Racing. The album is titled “Verbal Chicanery” and contains 11 original tracks. In his own words, the raps are made up out of attempted humor and vague references regarding our unique hobby.

It’s a good thing to take things seriously, but ever so often its nice to see the opposite happening. Just chill, and enjoy this rather bizarre, yet very entertaining album. And… Do not take it too seriously.

Verbal Chicanery by Rhys Gardiner

  1. Intro
  2. Everybody Look
  3. Running Default
  4. Lights Out
  5. Soon I’ll Be Pro
  6. (Jimmy’s Phone Call)
  7. Online Presence
  8. Drive-Thru Messiah
  9. Rag Top
  10. Generic Food Rap
  11. Outro (Undergoing Maintenance)