Simagic – Alpha Manager V3.3 And Firmware 6108 Update Available

Simagic - Alpha Manager V3.3 And Firmware 6108 Update Available
Simagic - Alpha Manager And Firmware Update

Simagic has released a new Alpha Manager and Firmware update for its Alpha Family wheelbases.

The Alpha Manager software is updated to V 3.3 while the new firmware, compatible with the Alpha, Mini, and Ultimate wheelbases is patched to build 6108.

It is stated that users should update the firmware to 6108 to avoid issues with the new Alpha Manager software.


  • vJoy can now remain installed and used with Alpha Manager 3.3 without conflicts. You no longer need to uninstall vJoy in order to use the latest Alpha Manager software/firmware.
    Third party apps that require vJoy installed, like irFFB and Forza EmuWheel, can be used with Alpha Manager 3.3 + Firmware 6108. 4110, * Alpha Manager 3.3 should remain in “Normal Mode” if using vJoy installation for 3rd party apps *
  • Updating your firmware is now quicker and easier than before. If a newer firmware version is found within the “firmware” folder, Alpha Manager 3.3 will start with the “BootLoad” page already
    selected and display a notification asking to update.
    Clicking the “OK” button in the notification prompt will automatically select and install the newer firmware file.
  • Increased FFB Refresh Rate in Forza Horizon 5
  • Added a Filter to Disable any inactive/unused Axis within Alpha Manager: > Detects which devices are attached through the Can-Bus port and disables any axis that is unused/disconnected. Example: GT1 rim attached to Wheelbase with P2000 pedals connected to Can-Bus port. Because no Handbrake or Dual Clutches are connected, the RX / RY / RZ axis’ will be disabled to prevent interference.

You can download Alpha Manager 3.3 from the Simagic Official Support Center (Firmware 6108 is included inside the “firmware” folder):

Official Webpage –