SRM Fanatec APM Carbon Paddle Upgrade Kit Review By The SRG

SRM Fanatec APM Carbon Paddle Upgrade Kit Review By The SRG

Sim Racing Machines is a small company based in the UK. The are most known for their Fanatec wheel rim USB conversion kits which enables the popular wheel rims to be used with non-Fanatec wheel bases.

Barry Rowland of the Sim Racing Garage now reviews the new SRM Carbon Shifter paddles which is a durable replacement paddle set for the Fanatec Podium Advanced Paddle Module. In good SRG fashion, Barry evaluates the build quality and functionality of the product, shows us how to mount the paddles, and performs a hands-on test, before sharing his final thoughts.

SRM explained that because the standard paddles from Fanatec are only 2mm thick and feature countersunk screw holes, they can snap when used extensively. In order to improve on the original Fanatec design, the SRM replacement paddles are made from 3mm thick Carbon Fibre, and feature a slightly bigger bolting part that enables the use of dome head bolts. SRM also includes a pair of 3mm thick spacers in carbon fibre to increase or decrease the reach of the larger paddles.

The SRM Fanatec APM Carbon Paddle Upgrade Kit is available via the official SRM website for £46.80 + shipping.

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