Straight4 – AI Powered Race Commentary & Engineer Concept Demo

A few days ago, Ian Bell and team launched the official website which will be the go-to place for news and updates regarding the hinted GTR Revival racing title.

While there are no official GTR Revival project details shared, Ian Bell does hint at some of the planned game features on a regular basis. And so he did today, sharing a “Proof of concept” videos by Straigh4 Studios Game Design Director Austin Ogonoski, utilizing Reiza’s Automobilista 2 as a demo platform.

The first video is showcasing an in-game Artificial Intelligence synthesized race engineer using the voice of ex-Top Gear Stig, Ben Collins. The video below shows us the same AI concept, used for in-game race commentating. We hear an in-game AI co-commentator session using synthetic voices of NASCAR commentators Mike Joy and Clint Bowyer.

While this feature might not be the most important part of a racing simulation, the believable real-time engineer and commentator communication has huge potential when it comes to enhancing game immersion.

At the time of writing, Straigh4 Studios has not yet revealed a development roadmap for the currently dubbed “GTR Revival” racing title. I will keep you posted when more info becomes available.

Official Webpage –

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