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Studio 397 Teases Second Generation Formula-E For rFactor 2

Studio 397 Teases Second Generation Formula-E For rFactor 2

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Studio 397 Teases Second-Gen Formula-E For rFactor 2

2018 was more than a successful year for Studio 397. It has become clear they are succeeding to bring the rFactor 2 racing simulator back to the masses. The past 12 months, Studio 397 continued improving all the aspects of the simulator and also succeeded in bringing us a number of interesting new content licenses.

On this first day of the new year, the rFactor 2 development team is already hinting that this positive development vibe will be continued during 2019. Today Studio 397 posted a message thanking the community for the continued support. Keen observers will have noticed that the message was accompanied by a screenshot showing us the rear of the second-generation Formula E racer. This confirms that Studio 397 has extended its FIA Formula E content license.

From a simulation point of view, this will also significantly change the way the car is raced, as the 250kW (335bhp) 2018/2019 spec Formula E car is faster and almost doubled the amount of energy storage capacity and range.

So far there is no confirmed release date revealed, and it is not yet clear if this car will become available as a new DLC, or as an update for the already available Formula E Energize Pack.

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