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Subaru Coming To iRacing

Subaru Coming To iRacing

Subaru Coming to iRacing

Subaru Coming To iRacing

Here is something I failed to notice earlier.

During an interview conducted by Red Bull Gaming about three weeks ago, Executive VP and Producer at iRacing, Steve Myers confirmed that a Subaru RX will become part of the iRacing Red Bull Global Rallycross series where it will join the already available VW Beetle and Ford Fiesta RX.

At the time of writing, the Subaru car model is already in production and should become available during this year. Furthermore, Steve Myers also revealed that iRacing has already signed its first European RallyCross circuit. He did not share any further details, regarding the name of the track in question, and neither did behind a release date. However, I personally hope the mystery rallycross track will be the world-famous British Lydden Hill circuit.

Interview Quote:

Red Bull Gaming: Will we see more GRC cars and tracks in iRacing in future?


Steve Myers : Absolutely, in fact, I just signed our first European Rallycross track, although we won’t be able to collect the data to build it until the spring. Subaru will be joining us this year in our virtual Red Bull Global Rallycross series and that car is already in production.


We also have a few rallycross configurations in the design process and we hope to have at least one new one in our March release. One of the great things about our business model is that we have four major releases a year so new content is pretty much coming out every three months. What’s hard is balancing the release of content in the many forms of racing we now have at iRacing, which is another unique aspect of our product.

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