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Sym Projects introduces SimDash 5 and Sim Monitor

Sym Projects introduces SimDash 5 and Sim Monitor

Sym Projects introduces SimDash 5 and Sim Monitor

Sym Projects just released Sim Dash 5 for its range of telemetry hardware solutions. ¬†With it, Sym¬†Projects¬†introduces¬†the ”¬†Sim Monitor” ¬†application. This new software solution will enable you to display a telemetry application on a¬†secondary monitor of your choice. whether it’s a USB,VGA, DVI or HDMI monitor, any brand and size will work. Have a look at the supplied video on the bottom of this page.


Sim Monitor 1  Sim Monitor 2


Sim Monitor will let you customise the data and graphics displayed by the application. The separately provided Sim Screen/Monitor Editor included in your install folder is an application allowing you to create your own content for the Sim Monitor display application. The Sim Monitor editor guide will show you how to assign an action to an element in your design. Your imagination is the limit. Create elements like Progress bars, Text areas, Gauges, Graphs. Animated gifs can be used to create any sort of design or animation. On the functional side of things you can then visualize incoming data such as Speed, RPM, Fuel level, Water temperature, Race position, Lap time, Fastest lap and more.

Sim Monitor Config  Sim Monitor Config 2

The Sim Monitor settings can can be configured through the Sim Monitor menu in
SimDash 5. Licencing your copy of Sim Monitor is very easy. Just clicking the”Buy Licence” button will take you to the PayPal payment interface where you can purchase a Coupon. After the payment is complete, the Coupon code will be sent to your email address.¬†In the Sim Monitor menu you also have the ‚ÄúUse a Coupon” . button. Once you received your code you can enter it there together with your name and email address. The license key ( Licence.xml file)¬†will then be sent to the email you have supplied. Save the license key in a folder of your choice, and the use the¬†‚ÄúLoad Licence File‚Ķ‚ÄĚ button to browse to the file. ¬†Once the file is loaded your copy of Sim Monitor will be activated.

***Keep in mind that the activation process generates a computer key, meaning that licences are only valid on the computer you used to buy them!***


Sim Monitor Config 3  Sim Monitor Config 4


If you want to check out Sim Monitor before deciding to purchase it, you can use Sym Projects without licensing it. Lets call it DEMO mode. The Sim Monitor application will run for 10 minutes before it automatically closes. The application can be restarted an unlimited number of times to allow you to get to grips with the interface and possibilities before buying it.

The configuration screen will let you load choose up to 20 design files that you have created or downloaded from the Sim Monitor gallery. You can set up a next / Previous button or key to select a prefered design on the fly. For starters there are 3 basic supplied at the Sim Monitor Gallery page. Users will be able to share their designs, so it will not be long before you will have a wider range of choices.


Sim Monitor Config 5  Sim Monitor Config 6


Sim Monitor is on sale for £15 ( 18.14 Euros / 24.95 US Dollars ) As stated before, keep in mind that the application will only work on the computer system you used to complete the Paypal transaction. If you should want to transfer your licence to a new computer, you will have to contact support at

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