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The Dirt Midget Is Coming To iRacing

The Dirt Midget Is Coming To iRacing

The Dirt Midget Is Coming To iRacing

iRacing officially announced that Dirt Midget racers will become part of the Dirt content featured in the iRacing Online Racing Service.

In the official iRacing announcement video, the 2017 Chili Bowl Nationals winner Christopher Bell informs us that his winning Dirt Midget is already laser-scanned by the iRacing development team. iRacing did not yet communicate an exact release date, but we expect the Dirt Midget to become available #Soon.

The cost-effective Midget race cars were introduced in the USA in the 1930s and raced on short 1/5 mile (0.32 km) dirt tracks. They were the original home-built race cars and their garage builders made use of every available automotive (and sometimes non-automotive) part they could use. Some cars were even powered by outboard boat motors.

Modern amateur cars have advanced in terms of technology, but the racing has the same premise: Drive as quickly around a dirt or paved oval race track. They are characterized by their scratch-built single seat chassis, 4 cylinder front-engine, rear-drive layout, and encompassing roll cage. Racing is run worldwide on local tracks, with the largest racing participation in the USA.

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