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The Simpit interview with SimBin’s Jay Ekkel

SimBin Jay Ekkel

The Simpit interview with SimBin’s Jay Ekkel

One on the best known Simulator companies out there is without a doubt Swedish developer Simbin. They are the creators of famous titles such as GTR, GTR2, GT Legends, Race 07 and lately the RaceRoom and RaceRoom Racing Experience. Shaun Cole sits down with Simbin’s licensing manager Jay Ekkel for an interesting open discussion.

Lately SimBin hit the news when rumors started to emerge claiming that SimBin went into bankruptcy.  While there where a lot of stories floating around the web, nothing official was known. Shaun interviews Jay and asks him about the past, the now and the future of Simbin or its replacement. In this interview Jay also reveals a few of the new features coming to RaceRoom Racing Experience.

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