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The Simpit – Jessica Lopez Interview

The Simpit - Jessica Lopez Interview

The Simpit – Jessica Lopez Interview

Shaun Cole of the Simpit catches up with Jessica Lopez who for many years was the friendly female face of the Inside Sim Racing Youtube show.

Fans of the original Inside Sim Racing show will without a doubt remember Jessica as the lovely looking sidekick of Shaun and Darin. 10 years ago Jessica Lopez became one of the first female sim racing faces on the net. For many years as part of the Inside Sim Racing team, Jessica embraced our hobby and inspired other females to get involved in this mainly male hobby.

5 years ago, Jessica left the Inside Sim Racing team to pursue her own goals in life. After all this time, Shaun visits Jessica Lopez to talk about her current life and reminisce about the early days of Sim Racing related media shows.

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