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The Simpit – Project Sim Racer – Episode 2

The Simpit Project Sim Racer

The The Simpit – Project Sim Racer – Episode 2

Shaun Cole of “The Simpit” presents Episode 2 of the Project Sim Racer series. In this quest, Shaun Cole will follow new Sim Racer Andreas Martin Mørch from Denmark while trying to become a Sim Racing champion.

In the previous episode, the duo worked on Andreas Martin’s basic handling skills. In Episode 2, they are learning the Mosport track and finding the speed to set a competitive lap time. Last but not least, Shaun shares a few setup options to dial in the Skip Barber car making it possible for Andreas to start thinking the settings  himself.

Project Sim Racer will be an ongoing segment at The Simpit. In this Series, Shaun Cole will follow a new Sim Racer in his quest to become one of the sports best. Andreas Martin Mørch from Denmark, will try to become the next Greger Hutu.  Starting of as a rookie driver, Andreas will have to go through the steps from rookie to pro level using the iRacing Online Racing Simulator.

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