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The Talk & Drive 9: Try the Honda NSX in the snow!


Time for a new Niels Heusinkveld “Talk & Drive”.
This is episode nine in the series. Siim Annuk and Niels Heusinkveld released their Honda NSX mod for rFactor a few weeks ago. Niels is in a Christmas mood and drives the Honda NSX in the snow at the Nurburgring. While driving he tries to explain some of the technical parts of the lap.

For those who missed the Honda NSX release for rFactor, get it here

Niels Heusinkveld is part of the Reiza Studios team, In the Simracing scene he is known as one of the best, if not the best physics modder. As an educated engineer Niels also started his own Sim Hardware company and has released his already notorious Pro pedals.


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