This Week Inside Sim Racing – November 25th, 2015

This Week Inside Sim Racing

This Week Inside Sim Racing – November 25th, 2015

Darin Gangi and co-host John Sabol from Inside Sim Racing present the latest episode of  the “This Week Inside Sim Racing” live show. (November 25th, 2015)

Sadly enough, this week’s episode was not aired live. Due to a massive storm in the Spokane Washinton region, Darin and John lost their power and internet connection and were forced to pre-record this week’s show. At the moment, the electricity is restored, but there is still no internet connection available at the ISR Studio.

As every week on the “TWISR” series, John and Darin take a look at the latest developments in the Sim Racing scene.  After last weeks solo episode by Darin, John is now back on the show and the ISR duo has lined up a few interesting topics to discuss.

Because this episode is pre-recorded, we will have to miss the popular and interesting Q & A session where viewers can interact via the live chat channel. Let us hope the ISR internet connection is back up next week.


Topics November 25th, 2015:

  • SimXperience Black Friday Promo
  • Glenn McGee won ! $100,000 scholarship
  • Kenny Humpe ring presentation / $15k at Homestead
  • iRacing future content blog
  • Remco Hitman Super POV
  • Assetto Corsa Ferrari Future F1 mod


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