TrackDayR – Build V1.0.80.34 Deployed – Multiplayer Mode Activated

 TrackDayR Early Access

Italian developer MadCow has deployed a new build for its TrackDayR Early Access Motorbike Simulator.

This new update introduces the first implementation of the Multiplayer mode. For now the Multiplayer feature is limited to a trackday session. Furthermore, MadCow added a new bike in the form of a 1200cc superbike. Check out the full changelog below for more details.

The Early Access version of TrackDayR is available via Steam for €19,99.

Official Webpage –


New Mode

  • Multiplayer Mode (trackday only)

New Content

  • New 1200pro Bike


  • New box time board
  • In-game room Manager
  • Multi-bike on the map
  • fix time board
  • Add user list
  • Add bike info on room info
  • Fix avatar issues
  • Fix bike teleporting
  • Avatar bug fixing


  • Fix illumination problem with the non-UTC time zone.
  • Fix wrong DateTime format in tracks mod ini file
  • Fix transport time
  • Fix transport user info

Bike Mod Tool

  • Add Dashboard link to handlebar option
  • Add Elbow on throttle option
  • Add Leg on brake option
  • Fix some missing data export
  • Upgrade Scene 2 template with a new feature
  • Add Bike category
  • Add Bike name
  • Add Bike ID
  • Add Rear Suspension template
  • Add Front Suspension template
  • Chain scale


  • Fix avatar knee problem
  • Adjust some avatar IK problem
  • Enable self-collision from bike
  • Burnout smoke
  • New Trick
  • Add fuel management in the garage tab


  • Limit lean angle on wheelie
  • Improved limit lean angle on wheelie
  • New ECU AW code
  • Wheelie improvment


  • Multy Check MOD track
  • New Menu pipeline
  • Multy new lobby creation
  • Multy new lobby wait room
  • Multy new track selection
  • New loader for MOD bikes
  • Multy new bike footer
  • Removed embedded bikes ( menu only )
  • Brake and throttle managment for burnout
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