TrackDayR – Build V1.0.81.25 Deployed

TrackDayR - BUILD V1.0.81.25 Deployed

Italian developer MadCow has deployed a new major build for its TrackDayR Early Access Motorbike Simulator.

This new update adds new Physics, the first implementation of the Garage feature, and a brand new bike in the form of the race-tuned American Big Twin.

Check out the full changelog below for more details.

The Early Access version of TrackDayR is available via Steam for €19,99.

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New Content:

  • Race Bagger Big Twins


  • slipping rear tire
  • Tire fix
  • frontlink rigidbody creation and update

Bike Mod Tool:

  • new springtype 6 with distance


  • new tire models
  • new bikeset
  • new tire model compound 3
  • new tire model
  • some fix for new C.F. calculation
  • EXPERIMENTAL new C.F. calculation
  • add C.L.S. leaning
  • adjust ground contactpoint
  • adjust speed treshold of fastbump
  • add per spring fastbump configuration
  • new CF suspension transfer
  • new engine drivetrain inertia
  • wobble steering balancing
  • new front tire model for crash reduction
  • new front tire model for crash
  • new loose forward wheel
  • steering tune
  • New Virtual Rider balance system during braking
  • New Surface drag
  • Updated surface-dependent friction management
  • Pacjeka tool
  • upgrade wheel code
  • upgrade tire compound 2 and 3
  • change bike ini 675,1000,1200 (steering 1.2)


  • change ECU map button
  • Virtualrider changing steering/brake behaviours
  • Start spring maxlength dynamic regulation
  • Fix Rebuild wheel raycast center on change swingarm
  • Major release ALPHA garage


  • new compound model

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