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Vote for KartSim on Steam Greenlight now!


KartSim on Steam Greenlight. Help out and Vote now!

Since 2008 Zach Griffin has been working hard on the KartSim project. This simulation will raise the bar when it comes to accurately simulating the thrill of driving a racing kart on the PC, Mac and Linux platforms.

Last week Zach revealed his plans to bring the simulation to Steam Greenlight. A Steam Greenlight campaign is a way for Steam users to help promote which games should be added to the service. Developers are able to submit information about their games, as well as early builds or beta versions, for consideration by users. Users can pledge support for these games, and Valve will help to make top-pledged games available on the Steam service.

So today, Zach’s Kartsim is live on Steam Greenlight! It is now up to the users to vote for KartSim, and therefore making it possible for Zach to release his title on Early Access as soon as possible. Every vote counts, so all Sim Racers and friends should head over to the Steam KartSim campaign page to support this title and get it released on the Steam distribution platform.

To get us in the mood, Zach Griffin included a new KartSim video Teaser showing is some footage of the work in progress.

KartSim is a multiplayer kart racing game with sandbox stunt driving and serious racing game modes. You will be able to create and customize the Karts and drivers to build your own exclusive team by means of custom liveries, helmets and team accessories. KartSim features real kart physics and will simulate the flex of the Kart chassis.This chassis flex will behave as a damage model so so might and up with a bent chassis due to your driving style. By the time of launch Karsim will feature five laser scanned tracks and five different karting classes. Once the Early Access version is released more content will be added, and the game will be upgraded with AI and a Multiplayer mode.

Official Webpage – https://

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