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Why I’m a Sim Racer. ( by Jimmy Broadbent )


Most visitors of Bsimracing are Motorsport addicts, and allot of them share the same passion for Sim Racing.  For allot of us Simracing has evolved from a simple competitive game to a highly addictive life style. While taking a hobby serious is a good thing, we also know that within this community things aren’t always what they should be. Words as hating, trolling and flaming are common on sim racing forums  and websites these days.

Luckely enough that only refers to a small part of the community. Its easy to forget how much joy our hobby can bring, and how we would not want to miss it for the world.  Jimmy Broadbent has captured that feeling in a small video. A real reminder for us to enjoy the world of plenty the sim racing scene has become.

Video by  Jimmy Broadbent