WRC 5 Gameplay Previews (Team VVV)


WRC 5 Gameplay Previews (Team VVV)

Alan Boiston of Team VVV managed to get his hands on a preview version of the upcoming WRC 5 title by Big Ben Interactive and Kylotonn Games.

In this Talk & Drive video series, Alan drives a selection of WRC 5 rally stages and shares his first impressions of the game (PC version). Surprisingly, he states that WRC 5 is a lot better than he initially expected and uses the words fun and intuitive to describe the overall feel of the game.

The preview version of WRC 5 is already visually pleasing and features some very nice lighting and weather effects. While this game is certainly not a hardcore simulation project, it does contain enough simulation elements to attract a wider audience.

In will be interesting to find out how WRC 5 stacks up against DiRT Rally by Codemasters and Sebastien Loeb Rally Evo by the former WRC game developer Milestone. Rally game fans are definitely going to have a great time the next coming months.

After four WRC games that were developed by the Italian Milestone Studio and published by Black Bean, this new version of the official FIA World Rally Championship game is under development by the French Kylotonn Games studio. This developer switch might just be what the doctor ordered, and could pump some life into the genre.

WRC 5 will be released in the autumn of 2015 for PC, PS4, Xbox One, PS3, Xbox 360 and PS Vita.

Official Webpage – www.wrcthegame.com


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