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WRC 6 Officially Announced


WRC 6 announced

WRC 6 Officially Announced

Bigben Interactive and the French Kylotonn Games Studio announced that they are working on the 6th iteration of the officially licensed WRC series.

The WRC series of games has been around for a while. Since 2010, Milestone Studios was responsible for the production of the official Rally title. In 2015, it was the French Kylotonn Games Studio who took over the development of the FIA World Rally Championship game for the Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS4, PS3, PS Vita, and PC.

WRC 6 will feature all 14 rounds of the FIA World Rally Championship including the debut of the Rally of China and will include all the drivers who took part in the 2016 WRC season. Furthermore, the game will include various WRC 2 teams and drivers from the Junior WRC class.

After gathering feedback from the community, Kylotonn Games promised that WRC 6 will feature a host of new features and improve graphics and audio. In their own words, “WRC 6 will raise the gaming experience on consoles to a new level of realism and excitement”. Last but not least, Bigben Interactive confirmed that they WRC 6 will continue the WRC 5 eSports effort, which was launched in January of this year.


“We spent the last 8 months, since the release of WRC 5, collecting and studying all the feedback from the community to improve the experience and take it to a new level,” said game director Alain Jarniou. “The experience gained from WRC 5 helped the team to completely understand the expectations of racing fans when it comes to rallying.


Roads were too wide in WRC 5? They will be narrower and more bumpy in WRC 6. Stages were sometimes too short? We created new longer stages and reworked everything to make them longer and more challenging.


“These are just a few examples of the massive improvements we are bringing to WRC 6 and we already know that players will definitely appreciate these changes.”


“If you enjoyed WRC 5, then you will love WRC 6. The developers have introduced significant improvements to make the playing experience even more exciting and true to life, while remaining faithful to its core aims of being an all-action game which takes in classic rallies and legendary special stages on all types of road surfaces.” said Oliver Ciesla of WRC


To get us all excited, Kylotonn Games shared the first set of screenshots displaying some in-game WRC 6 rally action.

More details are likely to be revealed at next month’s E3 Electronic Entertainment Expo in Los Angeles. If all goes well, WRC 6 should be available for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC this autumn.


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