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WreckFest Update and New Game Engine

BugBear Entertainment WreckFest

WreckFest  WreckFest

WreckFest Update and New Game Engine

BugBear entertainment are happy to announce that their Wreckfest title ( previously known as Next Car Game) is updated and now features a new next-generation DirectX 11 rendering engine that will make it possible to faithfully recreate realistic environments with advanced physically based materials and lighting (PBR).

Besides the new render engine, the latest update also introduces a completely new simulator-grade tire and suspension simulation model.  While the update does not include allot of new content, it does feature a first iteration of the reworked Sandpit track. This track is a preview of the quality and detail you can expect to become the norm for existing and future tracks featured in the Wreckfest game.

The update also contains a very early version of a new oval track that is in production. To get you excited, also two new cars are in development and already available as work in progress content. As usual the update comes with a list of improvements and fixes addressing both single and multiplayer issues.

With the hard work on the physics and rendering updates behind them, the Wreckfest development team will now start working on a selection of new cars, new tracks, and car customizations. Furthermore, the Dev team officially announced modding support for Wreckfest, and will be starting to supply the necessary tools to the community.

From now until¬†August 3, BugBear entertainment is running a -40% promo sale on its Wreckfest title, bringing the price down to¬†16,79‚ā¨. We all like a good Demolition Derby race now and then. So check out Wreckfest at the official Steam Page.

WreckFest  WreckFest


  • New simulator-grade physics engine with advanced tire and suspension geometry simulation.
  • New DirectX 11 rendering engine with realistic physically based materials and lighting.
  • 64-bit operating system support for optimal performance on modern computer systems.
  • Hardware MSAA anti-aliasing with advanced foliage transparency antialiasing.
  • Dedicated server for optimized multiplayer performance with command-line and remote configuration features.
  • Steam leaderboards and player statistics for tracking and comparing performance with other players.
  • Support for changing the track and the car in the lobby as well as adding bots to multiplayer events.
  • New game modes Team Race and Elimination Race, guaranteed to provide explosive racing action for 2-4 teams.
  • One new track and another one completely overhauled.
  • Two new cars, an American and a European one.
  • Fixed a bug with prediction causing massive lag with remote cars in multiplayer.
  • Fixed cars not being located to their start grid positions in multiplayer.
  • Fixed cars sometimes flying to space and through ground.
  • Fixed rendering being shattered after alt+tab in DX9.
  • Fixed leaderboards crashing beyond 50 entries.
  • Fixed menus receiving mouse input with Steam overlay active.
  • Fixed slow spherical camera rotation with the mouse when a wheel is active.
  • Set wheel default speed sensitivity to zero.
  • Added camera a shake intensity slider.
  • Fixed scrolling with the mouse wheel.
  • Fixed imperial units in user statistics, car info and HUD.
  • Fixed multiplayer race-start occasionally getting stuck.
  • Disabled controller hotplugging to test if it caused mapping problems.
  • Disabled¬†the wrong way speed limiter in single player.
  • Fixed e-brake for all cars.
  • Removed duplicate stock brake upgrades.
  • Fixed European Coupe 2 engine name.
  • Fixed incorrect gearbox names and added descriptions.
  • Fixed American Sedan’s windows going black when damaged.
  • Improved gamepad controller to make counter-steering easier.
  • Fixed AI behavior at race start.
  • Fixed DirectInput controller input mapping (please reconfigure your controllers).
  • Temporarily disabled Alt-Tabbing on DX11 to prevent the game from dying.Imp
  • Improved multiplayer performance.
  • Improved performance of dynamic objects.
  • Reduced dedicated server CPU load on empty servers.
  • Fixed lobby displaying wrong car class and performance index for some cars.
  • Fixed loud player engine sounds in replay/spectate when not targeting or near player car.
  • Fixed car body and wheels disappearing after being damaged while the player is in bumper cam.
  • Improved visual damage precision and increased deform strength.
  • Implemented multi-core physics optimizations and other performance improvements.
  • Implemented a temporary x64 build workaround for certain GPUs.
  • Re-enabled automatic controller detection.
  • Fixed positive wheel steering sensitivity curve.
  • NOTE! Positive steering sensitivity values now have a higher effect.
  • Improved brakes and increased handbrake torque (again).
  • Last Man Standing now ends if second to last car is eliminated by contact timer.
  • Fixed replay mode’s glitched 4x fast-forward.
  • Implemented various spectator HUD fixes.
  • Tentative fix for multiple copies of a player joining a lobby after a crash.
  • Enabled wheel release for vehicle damage.
  • Added dedicated limited slip differentials for each vehicle.
  • Improved suspension setups of all vehicles.
  • Tweaked gamepad controller slightly.
  • Improved vehicle cameras.
  • Fixed contact audio with various objects.
  • Added new paint jobs for Euro Coupe 2 and American Muscle 3.
  • Fixed missing surface collisions on Tarmac 1.
  • Improved¬†the collision of sand mining equipment found on Sandpit 2.
  • Vehicle props on Sandpit 1 no longer cause massive damage and move around.
  • Improved default reference weather
  • Reduced micro stuttering when no V-Sync is being used.
  • Improved performance and framerate stability on most systems.
  • Fixed non-working gameplay damage on the dedicated server.
  • Server no longer crashes when the event ends while a client is in the pause menu.
  • Visual damage is now more intense and panels get detached easier.
  • AI now resets when its stuck on its side for prolonged periods.
  • Improved vehicle materials.
  • Tweaked camera shake
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