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WSGT2 – RMT Megane Trophy V6 Pre-Beta Test session Video.


We are making progress on the WSGT2 RMT Megane Trophy V6 mod for rFactor 2. Time for a Video.
There is still some work to do, but things are shaping up fine. We did not yet optimise the mod, but it already seems to behave fine as far as frame rate and performance is concerned.

People who might have problems with Youtube resolutions, or streaming framerate, can download the HD version video here

The material settings of the wheels will have to be tweaked, and we did not yet dial in the final settings for glass, reflection, Specular and the lot, but it already looks very cool.
We are also implementing the 2009 liveries, and are putting the individual inner and outer windows in-game. Every car will have its original banner and numbering.

The menu interface graphics are not yet in, and the showroom model needs some tweaking. Rick is still working on a new update of the sounds as we speak. A sound preview video will be up shortly. 

As stated before, this Megane Trophy model is not to be confused with the ISI base content version. This is a scratch build model, for use in the WSGT2 mod project.  The model was build back in 2009. We decided to use the model for an rFactor 2 project, to get acquainted with the rF2 workflow. Video recorded using Fraps.

As usual, all is well at RMT. 


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