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WSGT2 – WR LM94 Templates & Textures progress.






WSGT2 – WR LM94 Templates & Textures progress.

Hi everyone

While Klaas is working to get the WR LM94 into rFactor 2, its a good time to show you some more progress shots of the cars.textures and template.
At this time i am focussing mainly on the cockpit. Its still pretty much WIP, but it starts to look as if its going in the right direction.
You can expect some ingame shots early next week. 

Arnold is buzzy on the Lotus cockpit and preparing for a small RMT side project involving a very special car we all love on the real racing track, and had some oportunity to get some real live team support from them..

This is one of the two WR LM94 that participated in the 1995 edition of the 24 hours of Le Mans.
The two cars, entered by Welter Racing locked out the front row but both cars did not finish the race.

In contrast to most of the cars we’ve made, which are mostly big manufacturer outfits, Welter Racing is a real amauteur outfit. They represent the true spirit of the Le Mans 24 hour race.

As usual, all is well at RMT.

Racers Modding Team