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Real World Racing – More Audi R8 LMS Ultra GT3 Test footage. (19_Bozzy_92)

The same day during which Audi was testing the new car for the 24h of Le Mans, Audi was also testing the evolution of the Audi R8 LMS, called Audi R8 LMS Ultra @ Monza. In this video you can appreciate the loud sound that the V10 engine produces with a lot of full throttle accelerations, fast fly bys and downshifts. You can also appreciate some beautiful powerslides while accelerating out of the first corner and hitting the revs limiter.

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Black Bean released a new batch of SBK Generations preview screenshots. SBK GENERATIONS will meet racing fans expectations following the most accurate feedback collected from international critics, gamers, and worldwide customers. The game will deliver the usual official package of the next Championship Season made up of classes, riders, and tracks from the 2012 roster. SBK Generations will be released in May 2012.

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TrackMaker – New functions preview.

A while ago Bjorn Klaassen started work on his TrackMaker tool for modders, TrackMaker is a high quality tool to aid in the creation of tracks Today, Bjorn uploaded a new preview video of the new functions coming to the tool.

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Real World Racing – 2012 Audi R18 e-Tron Hybrid Quattro LMP1. [Video by 19_Bozzy_92]

Today 19_Bozzy_92 recorded the new Audi R18 e-Tron Quattro during a test day at Monza Circuit, in Italy. Unfortunately Bozzy could not film the car at full performanse because of the really bad weather conditions. The car is powered by a V6 turbo diesel engine which can produce more than 500 BHP. The e-Tron Quattro is also a hybrid. While the V6 engine drives the rear wheels, the kinetic energy recovered in braking phase is stored, as electric energy, in accumulators.

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Real World Racing – Koenigsegg Agera R – 402km/h fly by on the Nurburgring! (Check 1.38min)

Last couple of days I visited the Gran Turismo Events on the Nurburgring. Koenigsegg Norway also enjoyed this great event with their Official Test Car 7031 Streetfighter and the World Record Car Agera R. When the awesome 1115 HP Koenigsegg Agera R passed the pit lane on Döttinger Höhe on Thursday everyone was amazed by the speed of the car. Using the whole 3.5 kilometer straight, the Koenigsegg logged a "quite impressive" 401.6 km/h before braking before the bridge at Tiergarten. The Agera R has a normal Koenigsegg road setup, was driven on 98 oktan fuel and on standard Michelin Pilot tires.

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