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On the Isle of Man - Top Speed 190-206mph. 25mph hairpin corners and 200mph straights over a 38 mile road circuit give an average speed of 131mph. Read More

The biggest consumer technology event in the UK, we had a 30 metre square stand exhibiting 2 full motion Vesaro simulators. With over 130,000 people attending the event over 6 days we provided over 1500 product demonstrations to the visitors of the show. Read More

This is the new V2 version of the Fanatec ClubSport Pedals. The full aluminum construction is now finished in black anodized and polished surfase. Read More
DigiProst created a nice track comparison video between the real and virtual Mount Panorama (Bathurst) Read More
This is number five in the DigiProst " Circuits Of The World " Series. With the inclusion of Bathurst in Project CARS, Digiprost decided to use the track in his Video Series. Read More
The official app for the motorsport involvement of Audi offers journalists and fans the latest news, a live ticker, schedules, results, scores, O tones, videos, fact sheets, technical data and background information on all work assignments and to Audi Sport racing customer. Read More present This Week Inside Sim Racing for the Week of April 28th. In this episode we cover the new build by iRacing which features a ton of updates as well as a new car and track. We also cover the beginning of racing season by looking at the Touring Pro Series. This weeks show also includes a new Simrig of the Week that is enough to make any sim racer jealous. Read More
Report of the first saturday race on Cicuit zolder during the FIA GT1 weekend.. The Supercar Challenge proved to be a golden formula. A combination of professionals, semi-pro and gentleman drivers in super-fast GT and touring cars, in semi-endurance races. All of this on the most beautiful Dutch and Belgian national tracks and abroad. Read More
As we all know, the original standard pedals have issues with the potentiometers not registering properly. If you have these pedals sitting around collecting dust, here is the solution to bring them back to life. Bashboards have created the ultimate tool that will fix the potentiometer issue that has been plaguing standard Fanatec pedal owners for years. Video by Seahawks1Fan. Read More
ORC is a realistic racing simulator that is based on real world cars using a physics engine that was developed in partnership with a formula 1 team. This means that the simulator has been tried by a team of formula 1 engineers and tested by a formula 1 driver to ensure maximum realism. It is currently under development. Read More
Project Falcon for Autodesk® Alias software is a wind tunnel simulator that seamlessly integrates with Alias allowing designers to interactively investigate the aerodynamic performance of their designs at any stage. Industrial designers can get intuitive simulation results for their designs in seconds with no specialist knowledge required. Simply launch Project Falcon and results appear immediately. Read More
The German Modding Team released some more screenshots of the Audi TT-R DTM 2003 mod. This car Raced the DTM between 2000 and 2003, winning the 2002 title with Laurent Aiello. Read More