Monthly Archives: "September 2013"

iRacing member and overall avid Simracer Steve Claes is practising some Heel & Toe techniques. Steve practised it before, but this was the first time he did a full simulated race with it, using iRacing. Read More

This new WRC 4 trailer features the Volkswagen Polo R WRC during different daily environments: Dawn, Day-Time, Twilight. An impressive work has been realized by Milestone on the bodies of the cars as well as those daily effects to give players a greater immersion in the game. Read More

WSGT2 Megane Trophy
I guess its time for a small update regarding the WSGT2 RMT Megane Trophy mod for rFactor 2. The mod is progressing slowly, but surely. Read More
No post about the Virtua_LM Junior Team GTPC mod yesterday, but nothing to worry about. Here is a new set of preview screenshots. Read More
Kunos Simulazioni changed their Facebook cover photo. As it usually means they use a spanking new in-game screenshot, I can not resist posting it. Have a look at the new Autodromo Nazionale Monza screenshot and a new Ferrari cockpit screen. Read More
Alan Boiston of Team VVV did a few laps around the new F1 2013 Estoril track. Alan is testing the PC version using a DBoX powered motion rig, and reports the game is running super smooth on the PC. Read More presents the next episode of their coverage of Forza Motorsport 5 at Gamescom 2013. Read More
Corvette Dave reports that work is going full throttle on the 1.5 update of VHR Stockcar coming this fall. He also posted a video showing us a Sound previews. Read More
Video report of the The 2013 FUJI GT 300km Race. Round 6. Read More
The Virtua_LM Junior Team shows us a preview of what is to become the GTPC mod User interface. Read More
Renovatio Development has revealed the SRD-9C Data Display. The SRD-9C is their new digital data display model. Stating that this is the first of the new SRD-XX family being presented, might mean that we will see more models hit the market. Read More
Yesterday Kunos Simulazioni posted a set of preview shots showing us the Lotus Exos Type 125 on the track. Today Licensing manager Marco Massarutto posted another beautiful shot of the Type 125 in action on the Monza track. Read More