SIM RACE F1 Emulator For Android, Quick Preview.



Zappadoc of  EKSIMRacing posted a preview of the upcoming SIM Race F1 Emulator For Android (SRF1-EMU), a true emulator (not a toy) of the real USB Device fro SIM Display.

This new upcoming SLIMax Manager III supports the new emulator and the new USB device and will be available in October 2013. That is about the same time as the display.
Good News for all teh current owners of the SLI-EMU (i.e. the SLI-PRO device emulator for Android). They will get the SIM RACE F1 Emulator (SRF1-EMU) for FREE!.
The license covers both emulators.

System Requirements:

Smartphone with Android 2.2 or greater, connected to the local wifi  network with your PC running SLIMax Manager III or greater.

SRF1-EMU and SLI-EMU DOWNLOAD page: Click Here


Official Webpage –


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