Monthly Archives: "January 2014"

Super Late Model iRacing
Back in September iRacing announced that the development team was working on a new Super Late Model. They showed us a few laser scanned images of the car. Today you can have a look at the model in all its glory, as a wallpaper. Read More

GT6_Toyota FT-1
Now that Toyota revealed its FT-1 at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit, Gran Turismo is showcasing a movie of the car at the shows Toyota booth.Read More

Assetto Corsa BMW e30 slomo
As nothing much seems to be happening in the sim scene today, it might be time for another Assetto Corsa Slow Motion video. In this video by Jeffitoable we can admire the BMW e30 in action on the track. All in glorious slomo, and accompanied by a moody soundtrack. Read More
Project CARS Stock Car
Its not exactly news, or a showcase production, but nevertheless an interesting Project CARS video. The ExpressionOfNothing channel featured a video showing us a Stock Car Race at California Highway. Read More
Radiator Springs Racing Live Timing
Radiator Springs Racing has released an update for their Live Timing plugin to give Assetto Corsa early access users the chance to compete in a live hotlap competition, by means of the live timing & leaderboard functionality of their website.Read More
MXGP Milestone
MXGP the Game is the title of the official Motocross Videogame in development by Milestone. The company responsible for the official MotoGP series of game titles. Milestone tries to capture all of the real world Motocross action and emotion and implement it into the game. Read More
Mercedes SLS GT3
The Apex Modding team uploaded a video trailer of their Mercedes SLS GT3 model for the upcoming FIA GT3 mod for rFactor 2. Read More
Niels Heusinkveld Talk & drive 10
For those who follow the series, you will remember that Niels Heusinkveld went for a walk, and a Lancia Delta S4 Group B fell out of the sky. :-) So he decided to go mountain climbing with 500 super & turbocharged. Read More
DEM Racing Simulators 2014
DEM Racing Simulators has presented a line up of products that will be released during 2014. in this video you can preview the upcoming Thrustmaster T500 RS based steering wheel. Read More
Project CARS
A new year and the first of a new set of spectacular Project CARS screenshots uploaded by the Community. This week we can enjoy community gallery number 77. Read More
Nascar 14
Publisher Deepsilver is ready to release the newest installment in the Nascar series of games. NASCAR 14 for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC will be released on February 18, 2014 in North America. Read More
For quite a while the "European Sim Modding" team had been working on a DTM 2013 mod for rFactor & RACE07. When the Simbin DTM Experience game was released, ESM dissided to quit work on the mod. After a while , ESM member Mazur1k decided to create a new modding team and continue work on the DTM project. The Russian International Sim Modding Team (ISMT) was born. Read More