Monthly Archives: "January 2014"

Assetto Corsa V0.6
A new update for Kunos Simulazioni`s Assetto Corsa Simulator is released. For this Early Access V0.6 update the Kunos Dev team decided not to release new content, but focus on some important fixes and improvements. Read More

Project CARS 4K
4K display devices having horizontal resolutions on the order of 4,000 pixels have yet to achieve mass market appeal. However, we all know has fast this could progress, and some Game Studios have already started to adapt to this future resolution. One of them is Slightly Mad Studios. Read More

Raceroom Racing Experience 2014
Simbin talks about their development plans for RaceRoom Racing Experience during 2014. One of the community´s most wanted features is a multiplayer option, and Simbin now stated that these features will be implemented this year. Read More
iRacing Basic Training
For anyone that is new to, things might be a little overwhelming. When starting your first races, it will become clear that there is a lot to learn about the iRacing service and its options. Therefore, started a new video series called "Basic Training" that will help rookies on track in a faster and safer way. Read More
Forza Motorsport 5 Smokin Tire Car Pack
On February 4, Turn 10 will launch the "Smoking Tire Car Pack" for Forza Motorsport 5 on Xbox One . This pack is Named after the popular web-based automotive video series founded in 2009. Read More
Atze Kerkhof
Many of the Bsim regulars will undoubtably know the name Atze Kerkhof. As an avid Sim racer, Atze climbed up to become a member of Team Redline who are probably the most famous Sim Racing Team to date. Now Atze Kerkhof will try to become a real world racing driver. Lets support our fellow Sim Racer. Read More
iRacing Pro Race of Champions
The most recent annual Pro Race of Champions was run on December 12th 2013. In this race, real world racing drivers battle it out on the virtual track, using the iRacing Simulator. Enjoy the highlights of this action packed online race. Read More
Today ARC_Team announces a new collaboration with Hexathron Racing Systems. Both companies will combine their experience and skill to create a new technology center to benefit the Italian motorsport scene.Read More
CXC Motion Pro II
The last few years we have seen a number of companies become a household name in the Simulators industry. One of those names is CXC Simulations. Check out the CXC Motion Pro II Simulator. Read More
Doug Meyer
Doug Meyer of Sim Racing Review has been busy getting to know the iRacing Simulator. In this little video Doug talks about his experience and views regarding the learning curve if the Simulator. Read More
Iracing revealed the build notes for the 2014 Season 1 . As usual its a long list of added features and enhancements. Next to this owners of the RUF will now have the Ruf RT 12R AWD in their collection, while oval fans will find the Super Late Model up for purchase. Read More
Why i Sim Race
Most visitors of Bsimracing are Motorsport addicts, and allot of them share the same passion for Sim Racing. For allot of us Simracing has evolved from a simple competitive game to a highly addictive life style. Read More