Monthly Archives: "January 2014"

BMW Z4 GT3 iRacing
The iRacing Development team revealed the first render of the BMW Z4 GT3 that will be part of the GT3 Series that will be featured in the new season.Read More

Assetto Corsa
A new year, and a new update for Kunos Simulazioni`s Assetto Corsa Simulator. January 2014 could not start any better for Sim Racing fans. Early Access 0.5 is here. Read More

Iracing´s Steve Myers reported that the rollout of the new build might be postponed. Apparently the development team is still tweaking the V5 tire model. Read More
We have grown accustomed to comparison videos these days. I dare say, that lately allot of these videos have become a little to common due to the fact that they are sometimes made for the sake of it. Now and then somebody tries to breath some life into a concept that looks burned out, and so did therealPaulaD. Read More
Zappadoc of EKSIMRacing released V3.3.2 of the SLIMax Manager. SLIManager is the most advanced manager tool for your sim racing hardware. SLIMax Manager III v3.3.2 is now out with FULL support for the Steelseries SRW-S1 steering wheel + a complete revamped UI and major improvements. Read More
KAZ pushing the virtual divide
Watch the official trailer of the soon to be released documentary about the mastermind behind Gran Turismo, the enigmatic Kazunori Yamauchi.Read More
Assetto Corsa update 2014
The first update of 2014 for Assetto Corsa will be deployed tomorow . Kunos Simulazioni`s Aristotelis Vasilakos has lifted the blanket on some of the features that will be implemented. Read More
Forza Motorsport 5
Darin of Inside Sim Racing takes a final look at Forza Motorsport 5 and talks about the physics as well as force feedback and how it feels.Read More
Dallara DW12
The iRacing development team is hard at work. After showing us the first render of the new Super Late Model they are working on, they now posted a preview of the Dallara DW12 Indycar model that is now officially in development. Read More
Darin and Shaun received a Thrustmaster TX Racing Wheel a while ago, and now uploaded a review video showing us the pros and cons of the newest Thrustmaster product. Read More
Yamaha R6
A while ago Piboso released BETA 4b of his GP-Bikes Simulator. in this video you can see the Yamaha R6 in action at the Enna Pergusa track.Read More
Assetto Corsa BMW 1M
The Kunos Simulazioni team will release its first update of 2014 this Friday. Its not yet clear or confirmed what the update might have in store, but after hinting that they where perfecting the IA implementation, chances are that we will get AI competitors in the development version of the Assetto Corsa simulator. Read More