A Look At The 6DOF Motion Systems QS-S25

Since 2009, the Polish Motion Systems company designs, developes, builds, and assembles a variety of flexible, durable and high performing motion technology solutions for the enthusiast and the professional market.

Many sim racers might not be familiar with the Motion Systems brand, as its products are mainly marketed towards the upper-professional market. However, you might be familiar with one of their lower-tier products, as Motion Systems is the developer and manufacturer of the very popular Next Level Racing Motion Platform V3 (MS HS-203) , and the NLR Traction+ Motion Platform (MS HS-210). As an NLR Motion systems user, I can confirm that these products are engineered and manufactured to a very high standard.

QS-S25 6DOF Motion simulator

Last year, Motion Systems introduced the new high-end QS-S25 6DOF Motion simulator for PC mainly marketed as a research and development tool for professional industrial and military projects.

The QS-S25 uses its 6 degrees of freedom (surge, sway, heave roll, pitch, and yaw) to feed precise motion inputs that very accurately represent key sensations such as understeer, traction loss, lateral g-force inputs, and braking.

Al the Motion Systems Platforms are powered by the regularly updated Platform Manager software application which allows the users to utilize the motion platforms with the supported games, perform diagnostics, monitor the motion platforms operation, update the firmware, and compensate for head movements in VR thanks to the VR HeadWay implementation. Motion Systems also supplies the ForceSeatMI SDK which lets developers integrate the motion systems in custom applications.

Key Features:

  • Easy to transport – Modular design enabling transportation and assembly on-site from the main components.
  • Add-ons & Accessories – Possibility of using dedicated manipulators and accessories.
  • Modular and Reconfigurable – Easy to adopt to 3rd party cockpits.
  • VR technology – Full VR technology support.
  • Unleashed performance – Impressive dynamics and high performance.
  • Highest quality – Built of industrial-grade components.
  • Multifunctional – Flexible and universal unit for many various purposes.
  • Software support – Compatible with all major racing and flight titles on PC with a simple USB plugin.
Qubic System linear actuators

The QS-S25 6DOF motion systems based on patent pending linear actuators technology has been refreshed with several additional functionalities:

  • Comfortable and ergonomic position for the driver/pilot
  • The latest generation of Qubic System linear actuators – very quiet and precise operation
  • Motion and vibrations that perfectly reflect the situations in the selected game or simulation application
  • Full support of the proprietary ForceSeatPM software – free of charge
  • More compact design and small footprint fits to the medium size gaming rooms, VR centers, and training facilities
  • More responsive and fast-moving way to push telemetry data form simulation to the hardware

The 6DOF Motion Systems QS-S25 is available via the official Motion Systems website starting at €19.000.00 (exl. VAT and customs duty) + shipping.

Official Webpage – motionsystems.eu

 QS-S25 Rear
 QS-S25  Top
6DOF Motion System QS-S25 Specifications
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