A Look At The Exsim VR5 Motion Simulator And The Race Digital Twins Software

A Look At The Exsim VR5 Motion Simulator And The Race Digital Twins Software
Exsim VR5 Motion Simulator

Exsim is a British company specializing in professional simulators for Simulator Centres and Training Facilities around the UK. Its current portfolio includes simulator projects at the Simulator Zone at Mercedes-Benz, the Williams Esports Lounge, and The McLaren Shadow Studio located in the McLaren Technology Centre.

The company has been building simulator setups for the past 14 years, resulting in products such as the VR5 Motion Simulator, GP1 Static Simulator, and KR1 Karting Simulator. Besides product design, Exsim also handles the Installation and remote and on-site support for its clients.

The company’s flagship Exsim VR5 motion Simulator features (4DOF) 4 degrees of freedom via 4 D-Box 6-inch actuators combined with a custom-designed chassis and a Tillett B4 Carbon Fibre bucket seat.

The VR5 is equipped with a Fanatec DD2 Direct Drive system and a Heusinkveld Ultimate+ Pedal kit, while the screen system of choice is a 49″ Samsung Odyssey Ultrawide Monitor.

Exsim VR5 Motion Simulator

RACE Digital Twin Software

The VR5 is powered by a high-spec gaming PC, running simulation car models developed using the RACE Digital Twin Software solution. Models known as Digital Twins are a virtual representation of a real-world vehicle mimicking all the physics and behaviors as in real life.

RACE stands for Rapid Axle Concept Evolution, and is an end-to-end MBS (multibody simulation) software package for the development of suspension systems. It combines model build, model parameterization, post-process, data storage, and report generation into a single platform. It is cloud-based, requires no software installation, and can be run from a web browser on any computer, phone, or tablet.

RACE requires user inputs to define the layout and tuning of the suspension system.  Once the inputs are submitted by the user, the RACE pre-processor builds a full suspension multibody simulation (MBS).  RACE then runs a virtual kinematics and compliance (K&C) test cycle on the suspension system.

The K&C test applies vertical, roll, steering, cornering, traction, and braking loads to the suspension system, and the response of the system to each is recorded. The raw simulation output is exported to a post-processor which generates a set of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to analyze the performance of the suspension system. These KPIs form the basis of the RACE Software suspension performance report which is generated and uploaded to the user’s account for review.

The Digital Twins developments utilize vehicle benchmarked data such as:

  • suspension hard points and their associated stiffness and all subcomponents such as springs, dampers
  • tyres and their behavior
  • engine and gearbox mapping
  • aerodynamics
  • pro telemetry
  • custom livery (for vehicle appearance purposes)

RACE is helping the gaming industry with real-life vehicle physics and vehicle setups via the RACE “software engine” bringing unseen scalable capabilities and fidelity to the gaming world.

Engine features:

  • Full vertical dynamics, including road modeling and roughness
  • Actual springs/dampers/antiroll bars and kinematic/load transfer effects
  • Aero forces
  • Wheel and tyre dynamics with nonlinearities, transients, contact patch deflection, and combined loads
  • Suspension kinematics & compliance
  • Force inputs and kinematics outputs at any point of the vehicle
  • Steering and steering feedback (application on static/dynamic simulators)
  • Rubber parts and vibrational content control (application on dynamic simulators)

Official Webpage  –  www.exsim.co.uk