A Look At The New Ascher Racing Dashboard

A Look At The New Ascher Racing Dashboard
2023 Ascher Racing Dashboard

German engineer and avid sim racer Martin Ascher has introduced a new sim racing dashboard that is available as a 4-inch or 5-inch version.

The telemetry dashboard features a bright 350 lumens 16-bit color touchscreen display with a 800 x 480 pixels (4″) or 854 x 480 pixels (4″) resolution. Interestingly, Ascher Racing choose to go with a resistive touch screen so it can be used with racing gloves.

Above and on the sides of the display, there are 21 colored LEDs seated in individual casing bores to avoid light/color overlapping. Each individual LED can display up to 16 million colors. The telemetry is powered by the SimHub software enabling you to control and configure each LED individually.

The slender 18mm thick Dashboard housing is CNC machined and anodized from automotive aluminum. The Power is supplied via an angled USB-C cable which is also responsible for the data transfer. The unit also features a convenient on/off switch. Both the USB-C connector and the power switch are located at the rear.

The Dashboard comes with the appropriate carbon mounting brackets in order to be able to mount the dashboard on various wheelbases.

The Ascher Racing 4-inch Dashboard is available for €369.00 VAT included + Shipping. The 5-inch version can be purchased for €429.00 VAT included + Shipping.


  • Screen size 4″ or 5″ with high resolution
  • 21x RGB LEDs (16 million colors)
  • Official SimHub integration
  • 16-bit colors, 350-lumen brightness
  • Touch operation possible
  • Smallest possible dimensions (18mm wide)
  • ON-OFF switch on the back
  • Incl. carbon bracket (Fanatec, Simucube 1 / 2…)

Display Performance Data:

  • 4” dashboard display size: 86 x 53 mm
  • 4” Dashboard Resolution: 480 x 800px
  • 5” dashboard display size 109.6 x 61.6 mm
  • 5” dashboard resolution 480 x 854 px
  • Touch operation, e.g. changing the dash pages
  • 16-bit colors
  • 350lm brightness

Software integration:

  • official SimHub integration
  • Compatibility with all common simulations
  • Countless dash designs and LED profiles are available
  • Incl. Ashtray racing dash design and LED profile
  • Direct integration of the Ascher Racing steering wheels – eg clutch pop-ups from F64 USB/ SC
  • iRacing: Vehicle-specific LED profiles including telemetry-optimized & gear-dependent shift times
  • Unlimited setting options (telemetry values, formulas, etc.)
  • Easy-to-use dash editor

Scope of delivery:

  • Carbon mount
  • Required screws for assembly
  • Aluminum spacers for individual adjustment of the distances
  • Dashboard 4″ or 5″

21 Pcs. RGB LEDs:

  • 15 pcs arranged horizontally and 2 x 3 pcs arranged vertically
  • 16 million possible colors
  • Extremely bright, e.g. for shift lights and flag signals
  • Unrestricted field of view
  • No light coupling from neighboring LEDs


  • Simucube 1 / 2
  • Fanatec wheel bases
  • VRS Direct Force Pro
  • Mige & Lenze engines
  • Simagic

Official Webpages – www.ascher-racing.com