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A Look At The Rexing GT steering wheel

A Look At The Rexing GT steering wheel

Rexing GT steering wheel

A Look At The Rexing GT steering wheel

The Croatian Rexing brand is starting to make a name for itself in the high-end sim-racing industry. With a background in aeronautics and real motorsports, the small team has gathered a lot of experience in carbon fiber production, and cutting-edge technology.

This experience is now used to produce some very unique Sim Racing steering wheels for the Pro and demanding enthusiast market.  Each steering wheel is made out of hand-laid carbon fiber that is then vacuum-bagged and further processed in an autoclave, resulting in high-quality carbon-fiber parts with an excellent surface finish. Once ready, the rest of the wheel components are all hand-assembled.

While Rexing also has Formula Style wheels on offer, we take a look at their latest GT wheel.


Rexing GT Carbon Steering Wheel (2020)

The new Rexing GT Steering wheel is a D-shaped rim with a diameter of 320mm, completely molded out of Carbon Fiber and epoxy composites, and wrapped in high-quality Alcantara. Besides the esthetic value of the carbon, this also results in a very rigid, yet lightweight (1.150 g) wheel which leads to a very detailed Force Feedback response.

The wheel plate is packed with features. It houses 13 industrial quality configurable push-buttons with snap-action, 4 tactile switches arranged in a D-Pad configuration, a configurable center-push analog joystick, 2 easy-to-reach thumb rotary encoders, 2 additional rotary encoders on the front of the wheel, a 12-position switch, and 2 momentary toggle switches, that each feature an up and down position and spring return to center.

Furthermore, the wheel is fitted with a 4.3″ LCD display by UGT with Rev LEDs and six additional configurable LEDs. The display is compatible with all major Sim Racing titles. The display is controlled by the Ultimate Game Tech Manager software, which lets you configure the buttons, map keys, customize the layouts, control the LED brightness, select Multiple SLI configurations, and more. The software also receives regular software and firmware updates to ensure compatibility with future titles and features.

On the back of the wheel, we find a set of snap-action Magnetic paddle shifters that can withstand long-lasting wear and tear. The paddles itself are made out of Carbon Fiber. To make the wheel compatible with most of the wheelbase solutions, the Rexing GT Steering wheel is fitted with an aluminum hub on the back that accepts 50.8 mm quick releases. Optionally, Rexing can also provide a 70 mm bolt pattern adapter.

The wheel electronics are connected via a single USB connector. A high-quality coiled USB  cable is included with the wheel. As some extra attention to detail, the wheel also comes with 2 sets of 12 high-quality elastic self-adhesive labels which lets you customize the push-buttons and/or labeling.

The Rexing GT Steering Wheel is available via the official Rexing website for € 1,549 + shipping. Delivery time varies between one and five weeks after the customer has made the payment. Each customer will be personally notified about the approximate delivery time. The Rexing steering wheel comes with a two-year warranty period for EU customers.

Customers owning a Logitech G27/G29 or Thrustmaster wheel will be glad to hear that Rexing can supply a 3D printed adapter free of charge. Make sure to contact them should you need one.


Rexing GT Wheel Thumb Rotary

Ultimate Game Tech LCD  Rexing GT Wheel Carbon Wheelplate


  • Full carbon fiber body
  • 4.3″ wide-angle color LCD by Ultimate Game Tech
  • 15 rpm LEDs, (GRB) 6 additional marshal LEDs
  • Original Alcantara grips
  • Analog joystick/thumbstick
  • 13 configurable push-buttons:
    – highest quality industrial push-buttons with snap action
    – 4 high-quality tactile switches arranged in D-Pad configuration
    – configurable center push on analog joystick
    – 2 thumb rotary encoders
    – 2 additional rotary encoders on the front of the wheel
    – 12-position switch
    2 momentary toggle switches, each with up and down position and spring return to center
  • Magnetic paddle shifters
  • Aluminum hub on the back – accepts 50.8 mm quick releases (adapter for 70 mm bolt pattern available upon request)
  • Non-proprietary connector on the back of the wheel (easy to replace or make your own cable)
  • High-quality USB spiral cable included
  • Requires only one USB connection
  • Each steering wheel includes 2 sets of 12 high-quality elastic self-adhesive labels for push-buttons and various additional labels for customization
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