A Look At The Simagic TB-RS Hydraulic Handbrake

A Look At The Simagic TB-RS Hydraulic Handbrake

The Chinese SIMAGIC sim racing peripheral company released the new TB-RS Hydraulic Handbrake for pre-order.

The body and the handle of the TB-RS handbrake are CNC-machined out of high-quality Aluminum Alloy for strength and realism purposes. The handbrake lever can be adjusted offering four different angles.

The hydraulic system of the TB-RS handbrake is developed to mimic the authentic feel of a real-world braking system. Simagic designed a rotating hydraulic fluid reservoir allowing the handbrake to be installed in both a vertical or horizontal position. To further customize the brake feel, Simagic designed no less than nine custom elastomers for easy adjustment and replacement.

The handbrake grip can be replaced with grip sets from various third-party brands. Optionally, Simagic can supply a CNC-machined P-Lok mounting bracket to attach the handbrake to your chassis/simulator. Furthermore, the handbrake can be fitted with a Simagic Haptic pedal Reactor for some extra immersion and tire locking feedback.

The TB-RS handbrake connects to your PC or Simagic wheelbase via a regular USB connection or CAN cable. The electronics are set up via the SimPro Manager 2.0 Software, allowing easy installation and automatic firmware updates. 

Product Features:

  • Hydraulic System designed by Race Engineers
  • Innovative Rotatable Hydraulic Reservoir Design allows installation in various positions.
  • Choose to Use the Handbrake Vertically or Horizontally.
  • Nine elastomers with Four Stiffness Variations
  • Optional Haptic Feedback Module, Featuring an In-house Developed Linear Motor.
  • Precise Control and Feedback, Feel Tire Lock-up through the Handbrake.
  • Adjustable Handle Offers Four Different Angles.
  • High-Grade Aluminum Alloy Structure
  • Replaceable Handle Grips
  • Compatible with a Variety of Aftermarket Grip Sets


  • USB Connection: PC, Simagic WheelBase
  • Adjustable Damping: Yes
  • Horizontal Handle Installation: Yes
  • Rotatable oil container: Yes
  • Side Mounting Brackets: Optional
  • Building Material: Aluminum Alloy
  • Dimensions ( Length x Width x Height) : 178 x 95 x 387 mm
  • Mounting Holes : M6 bolt with thread-hole*4, M6 bolt with through-hole*6
  • Net Weight: 1.35 kg
  • In the Package: Warranty card, Installation guide leaflet, Screw kit, USB cable, CAN Cable, Rubber Spring, Limit Block

The SIMAGIC TB-RS Hydraulic Handbrake is now up for pre-order. For availability and exact pricing, check your local distributor. (The price should be around $369.00 + shipping in the US, and 449.00€ incl. TAX + shipping in Europe)

Official Webpage – simagic.com